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Sunday, 13 December 2015

I'm usually not the most Christmassy of people. I used to be when I was little but when I got older and it became a kind of inclusion and exclusion game at school, my interest dwindled. Now, we don't decorate until the week of Christmas. I don't count-down the sleeps until Christmas Day (but I am counting down to Star Wars). I don't go to Christmas parties. But I do love the food, the craic, the wine and the movies that will be shown on TV. In recent years, television progamming has been a bit rubbish. I used to highlight the TV guide with everything that I wanted to watch - all the movies and the TV Christmas specials, especially the Strictly Come Dancing special. There are a number of films that get me into the Festive Season. So, in alphabetical order....

A cult classic and almost fitting that it should be first, even with being in alphabetical order. I'm not sure which of the Home Alone movies I like the best - and by Home Alone movies, I mean that ones with Macaulay Culkin. The first one is awesome and the second one has traps that are better and different from the first one. There is just something about the first one though. 'Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal'. Classic. 

Yup, gotta include the tragic one. What's Christmas without a bit of tugging at the heartstrings? But, Michael Keaton, c'mon! Gotta love that. I've always loved this movie from the first time I watched it and I'm old enough to remember when it was released. It really makes me want to have a snowman come to life and makes me want to build a snowman (do you wanna build a snowmaaaaan? - oh come on, you read that like that! Don't deny it. I know you did.). I've never built a proper snowman. I built little tiny ones when I was little but they were all sludgey. And how cute is snowman Michael Keaton?! The ending always makes me cry. I'm such an emotional wreck that I bawl my lamps out every time. #regretnothing #donotjudgeme

Another classic Christmas movie that I watch at least once every single year. Sinbad is actually the person that makes this movie for me. He's hilarious in this. Plus a lil cameo from Jim Belushi. Love it. Plus, it's the movie that helped me know all the names to Santa's reindeer. I sing it exactly the way that Arnie does. Again, don't judge me. 

This had to be included. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas made this movie so iconic. I always love that moment when Esther is in her beautiful red dress and she's singing to Tootie. It's an iconic moment and this movie is one of my favourite movies of all time. The fact that it spans a year and climaxes at Christmas is just a bonus. For the song alone, it's an awesome Christmas movie to curl up in the blankets with candles and a caramel latte with extra caramel syrup. I wanna do that now. 

I'm including both movies in this because I'm a cheater like that. I love these movies. James van der Beek is in the first one and Jewel Staite is in the second. I watched the second one first when I was surfing the channels trying to find something to watch before settling on this. I've been watching it every Christmas for the past three years or so. They follow people that need a little help at Christmas and in pops Mrs. Miracle (or Mrs. Merkel claiming people spelt it wrong). They're very sweet movies and I always look forward to seeing them on TV. 

Do I really need to explain this one? Do I really need to explain? Do I? Do I really? This is compulsory Christmas watching for me. If this is not on TV, it is not Christmas! I have watched this every year since I was little and I'm always finding something new to love about it or discovering what a joke actually meant. That's what happens when you grow up. Plus I unashamedly sing along. I used to have the OST on one of my old MP3 players for when I got the bus to uni. 

A ex-boyfriend got me hooked on this movie. I watched it for the first time with him on our second Christmas together and it was on TV so much that year that we saw it repeatedly and cuddled up together watching it. It holds a special place in my heart for that reason. Also, it's a cool story. For a Christmas card, I actually made the train ticket for him so that he could go on the Polar Express. Need a barf bag? 

(Whatever the heck this movie is called)
This is where my fangirl comes out to play at Christmas. Did you actually think that she'd take a break? Nope. This movie came out four years ago and it stars Katie McGrath. I've featured Katie McGrath on my blog before and I've done two makeup tutorials inspired by her characters. It was only natural that I would have this movie as I was obsessed with Merlin when this came out. It's such a sweet movie about Katie's character falling in love after being invited to her late brother-in-law's family home for Christmas with her niece and nephew which happens to be a castle because he happened to have been a Prince. No big deal. Katie is so adorkable in this movie and I adore everything about her style. I love it. Plus, the Prince she falls for is kinda dishy. Oh and did I mention ROGER MOORE is in it. Yeah. He's in it. SOLD!

The Tim Allen version. This is one of my ultimate favourite Christmas movies. I watch this every year and I never get sick of it. Never. It's a movie that I've been watching ever since I was a little girl. Everything about it screams Christmas at me. 

This is probably the curve-ball in the list. It's not a Christmas movie. Buuuut, it's always one during the Christmas fortnight when TV shows nothing but movies and specials. The Wizard of Oz has always been on TV in December and so it's a Christmas movie to me. 

One that I want to include to this list;

Reason being - Jane Seymour is in it. Nuff said. 

What are the movies that make the Festive season for you?

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