200th BLOG POST || Jane Seymour Inspired Christmas Makeup

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Guess what?! This post is my 200th blog post here at kazzified29 and simultaneously it is my 50th YouTube upload! How unreal is that? I cannot believe that I've conceived, constructed and photographed/filmed 200 posts and 50 videos. It doesn't seem like it. It feels like more. Haha. I'm joking. It feels like yesterday I posted my very first post and filmed my first YouTube video. Cliché, I know but there's no other way to possibly put it. Naturally, I wanted to celebrate and what better way to do so than with a Fandom Friday post? I know, I know -  it's Sunday. I did have a tutorial ready to go for Friday but I wasn't happy with it and so postponed it. Today's tutorial is for a makeup look inspired by Jane Seymour's makeup from the Mad Max: Fury film premiere in Cannes earlier in the year. 

How unbelievably breathtaking does Jane Seymour look? When I first saw these photos...

Dear sweet lawd. It was love. Pure and utter love. Everything about it just spoke to me. I knew that I would want this to be a Christmas look for me, whether or not it was going to be a tutorial was something else. I've been tossing the idea of using this for a tutorial for a couple of weeks. 

Tutorial it was. 

I must preface this post by saying that this is complete guess-work. I have no clue what was on Jane Seymour's eyelids. She has hooded lids, like me, and it makes it difficult to get a gander at the eyeshadows. I looked at countless photographs from various sources and tried to find one that would give me the slightest bit of a hint. All I knew for certain was that liner would be involved. One photograph gave me the idea for a shimmery eyeshadow. I've basically used my knowledge of what to do with hooded eyes to guess this look. 

Then came the dilemma of the lip colour. Some photographs made her lip colour appear to be a beautiful bold, red, glossy, lip and others a more sheer formulation. Some made the colour appear orange-toned and others cool-toned. I was at a loss. I originally wanted this tutorial to be drugstore friendly so that anyone could copy it but I didn't have shadows or lip colour that would be an effective dupe. I just dove into my makeup collection and hoped for the best. 

Also, I'm considerably paler than Jane Seymour and the vast majority of people on the planet. Cheers, Ireland and Granny, I appreciate my paleness. Therefore, I look paler than she does but I loved the bronzer and blush combination for this look. 

T H E     T U T O R I A L

I personally love how this turned out. Whether or not it's a close match to Jane Seymour's look is a different story. But it does suit Christmas. I was going to a Christmas dinner the evening of the day that I filmed this and I wanted to keep my makeup like this. 

I hope that you like this look and that you've liked my blog over the past 200 posts (or however many posts you've read - if this is your first one, céad mile fáilte!) and 50 YouTube uploads. Thank you for putting up with me. 

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