TUTORIAL || Scar [The Lion King] Inspired Makeup Look

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

This is the tutorial that I have been waiting weeks and weeks to do. I came up with the desire to do a look like this back in September. I wanted to film it immediately but decided to make it my penultimate tutorial for my Hallowe'en series. I'm so glad that I did. So here it is, my Scar inspired makeup look. 

I was really excited to do this look because it gave me a second chance at using eyelash glue to create different textures on my face. Plus, it's fun to peel it off once finished. Seriously. It's so much fun! Try it just for that! I used an Eylure eyelash glue that came with a set of false lashes because I couldn;t find my Duo lash glue that I used for my Beetlejuice tutorial. I just could not not find it at all. 

The jist to this look is to create shading on the scar. I went with brown and purple shades because I wanted more of a healed looking scar rather than a fresh looking wound. I had drawn a face chart for this and wanted to do a purple eye look but then after watching The Lion King earlier in the week, I decided that a brown and smokey one would do the trick. What do you think?

Check out those snicker bar contour lines!

I still have a lot to learn and I am having so much fun discovering new things and challenging myself. Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me and I hope that you're learning something new too, such as how not to do something, haha. 

I hope you join me again on Friday for the last of my Hallowe'en tutorials. A little hint, get the lash glue at the ready. 

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