HALLOWE'EN TUTORIAL || Black Swan Inspired Makeup Look

Friday, 23 October 2015

Today's tutorial is one inspired by the makeup from the Black Swan movie starring Natalie Portman. I know that there are probably hundreds of tutorials out there on how to do this look and I thought that I would challenge myself to come up with my own version. That's just what I did and that's what I'm presenting to you today. 

Also with this tutorial, I've been working with a new editing program that has a steep learning curve and I had such a short time to get to grips with. As a result, the music overpowered the voice over track several times throughout the course of the video. Apologies. I'll make sure that doesn't happen for the next one. Promise. But here is what I did to get this look for Odile aka the Black Swan from Swan Lake. 

Naturally, this look is not a very practical look for the stage because it is not a quick look to achieve with the time available to the dancer playing Odette and Odile.  Nevertheless, it is a beautiful look and one that is very striking. I peered around a corner just after filming this look and startled my brother. Haha. 

Thank you for stopping by. I hope that you enjoyed this look and that you found this helpful and easy to learn from . I cannot wait to get my teeth stuck into the last two videos of my Hallowe'en series because they will be unlike anything I've done before. I've been waiting weeks to do these and my heart is racing in anticipation. I just hope that I can do them justice and bring them to life. 

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