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Wednesday, 4 March 2015


If somebody had've told me a year ago that I would have a makeup collection, I would've laughed. I wasn't remotely interested in makeup this time last year and I certainly never would've imagined having a collection like the one that I do now. I maybe had a mascara that was four-years-old and a powder foundation from when my puppy accidentally scrabbed my face and some makeup hidden away somewhere from when I used to do amateur musicals. But here I am, with a makeup collection.

To show you my collection and how I store it, I'm going to go through the drawers of my ALEX drawers that I bought from IKEA in reverse order because that's how I use them when I'm doing my makeup - weird, I know but I use the tallest drawer to stand my foundations and concealers upright so that the liquids aren't pooling on the side of the bottles.
Also I want to say that this is not me taking time to gloat about my makeup collection or trying to rub it anyone's face that this is what I have in a short space of time. I am simply showing you how I store it and what I use to keep everything neat and tidy. I work hard and I've bought everything here or it was gifted to me on my birthday or Christmas.


I use a clear plastic cosmetics storage tray that I bought at TK Maxx to store everything in this drawer. It doesn't fill the whole drawers which means that I can store some items down the side when and if they come along. I set all of my foundations, concealers and primers upright and in the long compartments at the side because that's the only place they really fit. I mostly have Rimmel foundations varying in coverage but I've been experimenting with others.
I love blushes. I have a weakness for blushes. I always seem to gravitate towards high-end as I love to treat myself with them but I need to reign that in pronto. I do have a few drugstore ones that I rotate in on a regular basis, depending on what look I'm wanting to go with. Bronzers aren't a huge priority on my list of items to have. I have a couple that work for me They aren't used so much during Winter because I embrace my paleness and I'm always so paranoid when using them that I'll make myself look like an Oompa-Loompa even when I have the lightest hand possible. If I had to choose between blushers or bronzers, I would honestly choose blushes every time.


The Eyes Drawer. The second drawer down is where I store all of my eyeshadows, eye pencils, mascaras and eyeshadow palettes and such. This is probably my favourite drawer out of the three yet it's the most high-maintenance as I'm switching things up and re-organising it all the time. I'm never happy. I have three hobby storage drawers that I bought in Homebase laying in different angle in this drawer. They all came with detachable lids which was a lifesaver as they were the only storage boxes that I had come across at the time. But they do the job.
At the front I have all of my L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Mono eyeshadows as they are pretty much my most reached for single eyeshadows. Beside that, I have all of my eyeliners and brow pencils and I've experimented with a lot of those things in the quest for that Cat-Eye Flick. Plus a few wee handy eyeshadow quads are there just so they have some place to call home.
Mascaras are another weakness. I have quite a few mascaras for someone with such a young makeup collection. My favourites and most used are near the front of the drawer whilst the not-so-used ones are at the back.
Along the side of the drawer are my eyeshadow palettes. I love eyeshadow palettes. I'm such a sucker for eyeshadow palettes. These are mostly drugstore palettes with a couple of high-end ones, Too Faced and The Balm. I use them on rotation, depending on what look I want to create and all that jazz.

Lips drawer! I actually love the tray that is in this drawer. It was one of the larger hobby organisation trays from Homebase and it juuuuust fits in the drawer. It sits a little off from the base but that's not an issue at all. Behind the tray are all of my nail varnishes. I guess it helps that it doesn't slot in perfectly because I can easily lift it out when I need a nail varnish.
On the two side compartments on the left, I just have my lip liners, lipglosses, balm stains and lip crayons etc. They're so easy to find like this. I couldn't find a thing before when everything was just thrown into makeup bags. I suppose there is a kind of organisational paradigm to this drawer because some lip colours are paired together or some brands are together but there really isn't anything concrete to it. Except, one compartment. One compartment is my Mary McCompartment as it houses my Chanel Mademoiselle Rouge Coco lipstick, Gleam by Melanie Mills Lip Radiance in Pop My Cork lipgloss, my Maybelline ColorSensational Velvet Beige lipstick (which is my Chanel dupe) and a MaxFactor Color Elixir lipstick in Sunbronze which is a favourite lipstick at the moment.
On the far right side, the compartments are more awkwardly sized and so they're the 'whatever will fit in there' parts, such as, my Travalo and my Body Shop Lip Scrub and some tiny eyeshadow applicators.


I store my makeup brushes on the top of the drawers in little containers at the corner. My eyeshadow brushes are all in a vase like container from Home Bargains. It came with a lid but I've put it somewhere because you never know when you might need a lid. My face brushes are all in a huge mason style jar that I bought in IKEA. I'm not one for matching things as you can tell with two different styled jars on my tabletop. To help the brushes stand up and not flop about the place, I have little crystal pellet things, alternating between silver and purple, that I also bought at IKEA.
So there you have it, my makeup collection and how I store it. I am so thankful for this storage because it was becoming such a pain to try and find things and I just couldn't handle it any longer. These drawers are amazing that I have two of them side by side and function of my bedside table/desk in my bedroom. One drawer has some skincase items in it, such as my moisturisers and makeup cotton pads etc. The rest of the drawers are yet to be assigned as I'm waiting on some bookshelves to be constructed. The joys of redecorating...


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