My February Favourites

Monday, 2 March 2015

Well, that's February over with. The shortest month of the calendar year and now we're into March and with that comes my February favourites - the only month where that is perfect alliterated. So let's get into it.



Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
I've been using this a lot lately to help cover up those pesky problems and dark circles. I use the shade Fair and I love the coverage that this has. I've heard people say that this is awesome but I never actually believed that it would apply to my skin because my skin just rebels at everything! I've had some problems with my skin lately and didn't think that anything could possibly cover it. But you know, this did the trick. It covered and because of  the shade that I used, it highlighted the area under my eyes beautifully too. It didn't highlight too much, but gave a healthy glow.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder (Vanilla)
Amelia Liana swears by this and so when I went on a spree in Boots in the Trafford Centre, this was on my 'To Get' list. I have been using this constantly ever since and I love it. It does have a hint of a tint to it and I've been using a Rimmel's Stay Matte powder in Transparent for moooonths so I ws a bit hesitant to use a tinted powder again. What if it was the wrong shade and it'll set my foundation as a different colour? But Vanilla is the perfect shade and it makes my skin feel like silk. Like silk. Plus, it smells a-may-zing! Guys, seriously, the smell is so beautiful. For a powder to smell like a perfume, it is something incredible! Also, it mattifies in the most insane way! I can't believe my eyes when I see how matte my skin looks when I apply this. I never really noticed before with the Rimmel one but this one, holy cow, it's good!

Sleek Blush (Rose Gold)
Another Amelia Liana influenced purchase. The #AmeliaLianaEffect is real, people. It's for real! This is a beautiful pink blush with, you guessed it, hints of gold shimmer to it. It's not an overpowering shimmer and I feel like the rose colour comes through more than the shimmer does. Maybe when I'm outside that may change but when I'm applying this, it's such a beautiful colour and it really brightens up my cheeks. I also think that it would be a great dupe for the NARS Orgasm blush, though Sleek is more pigmented.

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner - East End Snob
Favourite lip liner alert! This has been my go-to lip colour practically all month. No matter what I have done with my makeup throughout February, I have reached for this lip liner 99% of the time. I cannot express my love for this lip liner enough. It is such a beautiful colour that I can literally call it, 'my lip colour but better'. It goes on so smoothly and the fact that it twists up is an extra bonus - no sharpening required! Major win! I love pairing it with my Wet N Wild balm stain in E126 (catchy name, right?).

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
I have had this for a couple of months now and I only started to use it in February! I know that Beauty Blender sponges are the most miraculous thing to make-up application but I decided to go for the cheaper Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge first, mostly because I got discount on it. I've been loving it. I use it damp and it makes application really easy. I do love their Buffing Brush but I found that this sponge applies higher coverage products with ease and without leaving any streaks. It's leaves such a flawless finish.

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush
This has really changed my winged liner game and I mean changed it! I love to use gel liner more than eyeliner pens. I have a number of favourite liner pens but I always go back to gel because I feel like I have more control with it. Previously I had been repurposing brow brushes or using angled liner brushes but for some reason I reached for my Real Techniques Fine Liner brush to do a winged line and holy cat eye, this changed everything! The fine point and paint brush tip made it so easy to wing out my liner, getting that fine feline flick that you want, and I was able to get it so close to the lash line with it. It literally is like painting a winged liner and I'm kinda arty so this was something that I was so comfrotable using. Holy crap, I'm in love with this brush.


My skin was having problems throughout February, particularly around my eye area. I'm not sure what caused it but I'm thinking it was a reaction to a concealer. I stopped using it and started moisturising with a mix of The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream and Garnier Moisture Match Ultra-Hydrating Rich Cream (Dry to Very Dry Skin). These two definitely did the trick with my skin. The redness and dryness disappeared within a couple of days. I love the smell of the Body Shop one. It's a nice runny consistency so I only needed the smallest amount to cover my whole face. It absorbed like a dream too. The Garnier Moisture Match is a much thicker cream but again,  you don't need a lot to cover your face. I found myself chopping and changing which one I used. I would use the Body Shop cream during the day and then the Garnier one at night.


I haven't had many fashion loves this month because I've been living in my work uniform, workout gear and pyjamas. But of all of those I have been loving my Karrimor Ladies Running Shoes again. I bought these last year on sale from Sports Direct for Netball. The sole has incredible grip and when playing netball and changing direction at the drop of a hat, grip is everything. I've fallen on my arse a number of times playing. These are so lightweight that I hardly feel like I'm wearing anything on my feet when running. Sometimes when running or sprinting, you don't want to feel like your feet are being weighted down because, let's face it, running is hard enough when you're moving every part of your body and your heavy limbs are attached to them.


These Days  - Take That

I have been obsessed with this song since it came out. It has been on repeat throughout February. I cheer when it comes on the radio and I have it on my phone when I'm working away on blog posts or on my room.

Come On Over (1997) - Shania Twain

I found my Shania Twain albums when putting my room together and a couple of weeks ago, I put Shania's Come On Over album into my car and it's been there ever since. You do not want to be in my car when this album is on because I sing it all. Catterwalling at it's best, people! This album has great sentimental value to me as I first heard this played when on holiday to Lanzarote with my family and it was played in the bar we played pool at every single night. By the end of the holiday I knew the lyrics off by heart and I asked my Dad to get the album for me and the rest is history.


Baby Daddy
A TV series with Melissa Peterman and Tahj Mowry? Gimme, gimme, gimme! From the episodes that I managed to catch of Reba, I loved Melissa's character and to have her back on a show that I can catch over here in the UK, I need it in my life! And Tahj Mowry? I grew up watching Smart Guy on the Disney Channel and who didn't love him as that cute little kid? I'm loving seeing how he's matured. Baby Daddy just started airing in the UK on E4 and I've been loving the episodes that I've seen so far. I want more!


I haven't really been re-watching this show but I've been selectively watching episodes. I loved this show back in the day and I've been really missing it lately. So over the past couple of weeks, I've been watching episodes that feature my favourite badass, Declan Macrae played by Robert Lawrenson. I love his character beyond words and he featured far too little for my liking but when he did, he was epic. Biased opinion here, but yeah. I've been watching that.

I did really watch much TV during February beynd the usual The Big Bang Theory repeats and Family Guy repeats.


Kathleen Lights
I watch a lot of YouTube and throughout February, I binge watched Kathleen Lights. I spent hours on end watching her videos and I absolutely fell in love with her channel. The looks that she creates are gorgeous and what I love most is that she uses drugstore products and high-end products, she doesn't lean on one more than the other. It's great and her personality is so unique that I couldn't help but look forward to the next video.


Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn. Hill. Oh-em-gee. Yes, I just said that! I found her channel towards the start of the year and February was the month where I really fell in love with her. She is bonkers. Like, really bonkers. Her personality is out of this world that I fell in love her and that's why she is here in my February favourites post. I would recommend her to anyone. She's a professional makeup artist so she knows her stuff and I love how excited she gets when she's talking about makeup. She so passionate and enthusiastic. It's truly amazing to watch. I feel like she's my Makeup Fariy Godmother.

The bloopers that these two include at the end of some of their videos are hi-lari-o-u-s! They actually show how I am when I do my makeup or film tutorials with the music playing and randomly busting out into song and acting like we - all - that!

And there you have it, my favourites for February 2015. What were your favourites this month? I would love to know.


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