Spring Favourites || 2016

Friday, 10 June 2016

I originally didn't have enough favourites for a post for March. I forgot about April and I have procrastinated so much that I missed May as well. It's far too late to turn it into something remotely organised. So that brings us to a Spring Favourites post.


In practically every tutorial and makeup look that I have done over the past two months, this baby was involved. I love everything about this palette. It is so handy and the blushes compliment my skin tone so well that I find myself reaching for it every day. It also helps that it's at the top of my 'Face' drawer. But I genuinely do love it. 'Easy' is my favourite and I use it most days when I'm doing my makeup. They blend out beautifully and are pigmented so that you just need a dab. 

Isn't the packaging so pretty?!?!?!?!

I picked this up with I was in Manchester at the start of March and started using it when my Rimmel Match Perfection Silky Loose setting powder ran out. I can see why this is such a cult product. With some setting powders, I find that my foundation and concealer can darken a smidge even if it is a transparent one. With this powder, that does not happen. I don't have to worry about slight oxidisation or darkening. I can be confident in knowing that my makeup is the colour that I want it and will stay put. 

An oldy but a goody. I've been using this for my every day lid colour and people keep complimenting me on my makeup. A colleague even asked who did my makeup for me. Bear in mind, I work at 6am... I did it all myself. *hair flip* Additionally, this bronze colour makes me feel like Wanda Maximoff from the Captain America: Civil War movie. I will be doing a tutorial on that in the future. I just need to get the right lipstick.

Another cult product and I can see why. It has such a smooth formula that it will glide over my chapped lips - and I have the chappiest of chapped lips. The colour is beautiful and elegant yet simple. It can be used by itself or with a complimentary lipstick or gloss. But I actually like it by itself. The only bother with it is that the formula is so smooth that you go through it like a dose of salts. You're constantly sharpening it. It'll  be gone in no time. 

Ooooooooh my god, I am obsessed with this liquid lipstick. I bought it primarily because of the way they spelled 'Kathryn'.

Yes, I wanted it because that is the way that Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager spells her name. 

The colour of this liquid lipstick is beautiful and compliments my skin tone like nothing else. I feel incredible wearing this and I want to wear it all the time. It's so beautiful and right up my alley. It doesn't feel drying (I wear a light layer of lip balm underneath) and lasts for ages. It does come off with the odd drink and bite to eat but it still looks amazing.

I spotted a couple of the perfumes from The Library of Fragrance in TK Maxx. They were half price which was an absolute bargain so I couldn't resist picking one or two of them up. I picked Sunshine and Rain. Rain is a very fresh scent but it has been Sunshine that I've been dousing myself with. I am useless at describing scents but this is pretty much sunshine in a bottle. It smells floral but not too floral, it smells like sun cream but doesn't at the same time. It is so aptly named and I love it. It lasts too. I had it on my wrist and hours later, I could still smell it on my skin and in the air around me. I even spritz a little in my hair. 


It came onto UK & Ireland Netflix and I spent Easter Sunday onwards watching this. I was sick over Easter but this show kept me company and has kept me company for the past two months. I manged to finish it the other week. I honestly cannot pick a favourite character out of the bunch because I love them all. The amount of times that this show has made me laugh and cry is unreal. I think the tally of crying is up to about 40. Me = ZERO.

I finished watching season 10 sometime towards the start of March and since then have been watching it when I can on Spike. The channel has been showing The X-Filess from the very beginning and I've been loving having X-Files on my TV again and consistently too. Plus, they show a few episodes from the previous week on Sunday night. 


From the very first moment that I watched this music video, I fell in love with this song. Words cannot express how much I love this song. It's just so bloody amazing. Martina is sensational as always. I adore everything about this video. I love the lyrics. I love the sets. I love her outfits. I love her makeup. And I love her hair. I nearly died when she cut her hair in the video. I have serious hair envy for Martina. She suits her hair in any shape or form. At one point I contemplated cutting my hair like hers was in 'How Far'. That lasted about an hour. 

A funny story is that I cut my hair the day this video was released and my hair dresser actually cut it to the kind of length and shape that Martina has hers after she 'cuts' it in the video. I was a very happy girl. I just need to figure out how to style my hair.

You know I love a song when I download it from iTunes to my phone. I did that within 24 hours of hearing it. I loved it that much and it has been on repeat ever since.

At first I wasn't certain how I felt about this song. It was something very different for Coldplay, in my opinion. I didn't really like the music video at all but after hearing the song on the radio a couple of times, it really began to grow on me. It's become one of the songs that I hope will come on my Spotify shuffle or the radio at work.

I'm usually quite content to listen to Sia on the radio and on Spotify. But it was this song that made me decide that I was going to get her album. I love this song. The beat really gets me going and I always find myself singing along.

With having Sia's album in my car, I discovered new songs that haven't been released - did you know that you can do that with albums? As much as I love 'Alive' and 'Cheap Thrills', Move Your Body is my favourite song on the album.

It's such a catchy song and it makes me want to dance around my bedroom. Plus, it's a class song to drive to when the sun is shining.

This album was released on May 6th, 2016 and I have practically listened to nothing else since. When I'm doing my makeup, editing, filming, walking or reading, it's pretty much a guarantee that this will be playing in the background. It's on every device that I one and I cannot express how much I love it. There is not a dud song on this album. There isn't a song that I would tend to skip. I love them all. I listened to this album about four times over when out for a walk one day. It was actually the walk that I took to photograph the Quoile.

Hilariously, some of the songs from the album form a sort of soundtrack for the Vision and Wanda Maximoff from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After watching Captain America: Civil War, a lot of the songs of the album seem to relate back to those characters. Well, in my mind anyway. 


I've been working out quite a bit lately. I like to workout at least three times a week, more if I can fit it in. If not, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. There are a few workouts that I like to go between.

I think that a lot of people are aware of Jillian Michaels and how insane her workouts are. I started this exercise programme in March at Level 1. I was sweating buckets. I moved up to Level 2 and sweated more buckets. I do Level 3 every so often and I actually really love Level 3. It hurts, lordy does it hurt, especially in the shoulders but it's so good. Jillian creates such great workouts that make you work from beginning to end in those 20 mintues.

It is such a good workout. I do prefer aspects of Level 3 to Level 2 to Level 1 and vice-versa. I suck at push-ups and moving lunges. I can do walking out push-ups no bother. But ask me to stay in the push-up shape and do one right after the other? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Pass!

I spotted this DVD on one of my trips to Heatons with my Mum. It was only £4. I do Level 1 in this - there are only 2 - and that is enough for me. I've been doing yoga on and off for years, since I found Yoga Zone on TV years ago. I love yoga and I love this DVD. It's challenging and uses poses and moves that I'm already familiar with.

I've only done this workout once and it was insane and I loved it. My muscles hated it but that's because it was so insane that the sweat was lashing off of me. I found this workout on YouTube and did it. It involves a few rounds of dance cardio which gets the heart racing and then exercises that target specific parts of the body - arms, lower body, upper body. Be warned, have a towel nearby and water.

Let me know what your Spring favourites are. I would love to know.


  1. Awesome post! I love the products and things you mentioned. I really, really want to try an ABH liquid lippie now and maybe pick up one of those perfumes someday.
    Also yay for Full House and TXF 💖

    1. Since I've only used the one, I can only comment on how good it is. But they have been given such great reviews. And it just speaks to my fangirl hurt. Plus, it looks amazing on pale skin tones.
      Some of the perfumes don't smell anything like what they're named after. There were a few in Boots that I took a whiff of and was quite shocked by how unexpected the fragrance was. Sunshine seems to be a perfect fit.



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