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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

I'm not sure if I have ever truly talked about my dogs on my blog before so now I'm sitting down and doing just that. My dogs are everything to me. They are my babies. I love them with all my heart and I worry about them when they aren't acting like their usual buoyant and cheeky selves. I talk about them constantly and they're often featured on all of my social media platforms. 

I have two border-collie/springer-spaniel cross dogs. They are brother and sister from the same litter. A family friend said that her sister-in-law's dog had birthed a litter and were free to good homes. We went out on the presumption that we were going to have a look and see. We left having picked two of them out.

My eyes were instantly drawn to an adorable little puppy that I would later call, 'Millie'. I named her that after the nickname of Emilia Fox who I had such a love for around the time I got her. I was watching her in Silent Witness at the same and re-watching her episodes of Merlin when I had the chance. There was no other name for this little puppy that I was holding in my hands. Millie was the first name that came to my mind and it stuck and she has grown into her name beautifully. 

Then my Mum said that we would look at another puppy. I then noticed this little puppy that seemed to skirt us all and hugged the wall of the sty where they were being kept. I picked him up. That little pup then became our beautiful boy, Toby. His name took a little while to figure out. 

They are now five years old and I cannot imagine a day without them and cannot remember my life before them. Dogs bring so much love into a home and a awful lot of fun. We have laughed until our sides hurt at their antics. Millie is a cheeky little madam and Toby is a big softy. Millie loves tennis balls and playing fetch. Toby loves running around and cuddles. Millie loves to feel the breeze in her ears. Toby gets down into what we call 'greyhound' mode when he runs. Apparently, he loves having his photograph taken too. 

I love my dogs beyond words. If they're hurt or ill, I worry with a knot in my stomach that only gets tighter and tighter. I cannot fathom how people can hurt such beautiful animals. They offer so much love and are never shy of offering a cuddle when you're upset. Also, they're extremely intelligent. People who say that dogs are stupid, clearly have never been around one long enough to know what they're capable of. Millie's little mind is a beautiful thing to watch. 

I hope you enjoyed meeting my babies. I would love to know about your pets. I love animals and I really want to be a crazy dog lady when I grow up. 

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