Confessions of A Retail Assisant #2

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


If you've been around this blog for a while, you'll know that I work in retail with all the glitz and glamour that it entails. Aaaaand all the types of customers that venture through the automatic doors. Naturally, there are moments when I went to shove a customers head in the freezers and slam the door repeatedly or take them by the scruff of the collar and throw them out on their arse. But I can't do that. But I can give you an insight into the realms of a worker of retail. 

When a customer orders you to go out the back and look for what they want.

What I actually do in the warehouse when that happens. 

When you go and look for a product, return and the customer has disappeared.
I'm not being paid to play hide-n-seek. Whatever. BAH!

When a customer asks you if you can look something up on your scanner. 
That's not how they work. It's not Siri!

When customers insist on coming up a busy aisle but don't need anything on it.

When customers stand in your way and have a chat with someone they know.

When customers have a chat with someone they met when you were taking them to the product they asked you to help them find.

When customers start a sentence with, 'You know that thing that's advertised on TV...' but have no clue what they're talking about.

That moment when we don't have a certain product anymore and they insist that they got it here last week. Things come and go! 'SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. WHILE STOCKS LAST'.

When customers touch your equipment.

When everyone is busy and you have to use the tannoy. 

When that one customer comes in that you really don't like.

When a customer's kid drops a 3 litre carton of milk.

What I really think when a customer has a problem that's not my department.

When a customer has no damn clue what they want but expect you to know.

When customers tell their unruly children that I'll get them thrown out.

When customers leave an empty box on the floor and walk away.

When that shitty customer finally goes away.


There you have a few more confessions of a retail assistant. So next time you're shopping and you act like a douchebag to someone that's working wherever you are, chances are that things like these are happening in their mind or in the backroom. 

Yes people do these jobs and there is a bit of shit that comes with the territory. That's expected with any job But, it is a job and people are trying to earn an honest wage. They don't deserve to be treated like the dirt that people scrape off of their shoe. I have been treated like this and it really annoys me when customers feel entitled as soon as they walk through the door. Nobody is entitled to treat me like shit. If they do, I will walk away. If a customer treats me with respect and courtesy, I will reply in kind. If a person is purposefully treating me like they're an entitled douchenozzle, I will give them the same due process as I would with any other customer but there won't be any sprinkles. I'll do what I can but if things don't go their way, I won't be sorry. 

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