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Monday, 9 May 2016

The weather was absolutely beautiful here in Ireland yesterday. At 10am, it was raining cats and dogs and then within an hour, the sun was splitting the sky at a blistering 23*C. The official melting point of an Irish person. So, instead of taking a nap after work, I pulled on my shoes and went for a walk. I took my camera with me for company. 


This cottage has been abandoned for as long as I can remember. It's in a beautiful spot on a quiet-ish road with fields opposite it. 

The last photograph is of what is left of a boat that used to go up and down the Quoile River making deliveries. I can't remember if it was a Viking boat or something else but it was used hundreds of years ago because it was made from wood.

Game of Thrones filmed the Hoster Tully funeral procession here for the fictional location of 'Rivverun'. It used this location of the Quoile River. The crew created a pier for the scenes as there was only a small beach there. Once filming was completed, they then donated this pier for the people of the town to enjoy. I remember walking on the pier that they had created when they were filming there. I actually preferred the one that they made instead of what was donated.

The view from here is so beautiful. Just don't look behind you because you see nothing but a car-park. I'm sorry to say that they computer generated the background behind the pier in those scenes. The rest was real.


I hope you liked this kind of post and enjoyed seeing a bit of my corner of Ireland. Everything here is within minutes of my house (by car - walking takes a little longer but is beyond worth it). I hope that you liked seeing a little portion of the Game of Thrones that my home town has to offer. I'll take you all to another location shortly - the fortress of Moat Cailin where Robb Stark is crown King of the North.

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