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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Last week my brother and I went to Manchester to see Manchester United v Watford at Old Trafford. As much as I was looking forward to the match, being reunited with the intu Trafford Centre was what kept me going through stressful shifts and pressured production performances. Last year, my eyes were opened to the glory that is the Trafford Centre and it did not disappoint this year. This year, I ventured into the Selfridges nestled in the middle of the centre. 

To say that I was a kid in a candy shop would be an understatement. My eyes were bulging out of my little head. At every turn, I saw a brand that I wanted something from. I wanted something but I didn't know what and continued to talk myself out of a lot of potential purchases. My bank balance breathed a sigh of relief.

With my brother in tow, I bounced from Charlotte Tilbury, to NARS, to Laura Mercier and Jo Malone. Oh my. I was beyond overwhelmed with all the luscious brands on offer. But I was also sad because I had baggage allowances holding up red cards at anything that I liked the look of liquid wise. I should've picked up the Charlotte Tilbury foundation when I had the chance. Oh well. Live and learn. But I did pick up a couple of things that I had wanted thanks to some spending money that my amazing Mum gave me.

Makeup first!! Makeup always comes first. 

Every beauty blogger worth their salt has talked about this product. I had told myself that I would buy this in January when I got paid but that money went to getting some Makeup Geek eyeshadows. I don't regret that. It wasn't until I was on my way out of Selfridges (without purchasing anything) that I remembered that I wanted to pick it up. I haven't used it just yet but I'm looking forward to it. 

I couldn't just walk past a Charlotte Tilbury counter without getting something. Her products just aren't available in Northern Ireland. They are available in Dublin in the Republic but I haven't been able to get down to Dublin since June. I just had to pick up something while I was in Selfridges. After a little walk around, I decided to get the eyeliner. I used it that night and oh my goodness gracious, it was so smooth. Some eyeliner pencils can be a bit scratchy when you swatch it on your hand or apply it to the waterline or tightline. This just glided like a hot knife going through butter. It was pure heaven. 

This little beauty was bought on my last day in Manchester because my brother let me go back to the counter. I swatched a number of things on my hand and this came up the winner. I blame Amelia Liana for that because she uses this lipliner like air. I've lost count of how many she's gone through. It's a beautiful light pink colour that I think compliments my skin tone and I'm very happy with it. 

As my brother and I walked around the upper level of Selfridges, we noticed the technology department and were instantly drawn towards the bluetooth speakers that were on sale. They were down in price and had light up, LED-like, screens that lit up to the beat of whatever was playing. It looks awesome and could potentially come in very handy when travelling. They were nice and small and packed a punch compared to some of the bluetooth speakers that I've encountered. We got such a kick out of it when we got it back to the hotel room. I think it would look class in a dark room and just this going. Party!!

And that's everything that I purchased while I was in Manchester with my brother. I obviously purchased food but I ate that. Burgers from Five Guys (HEAVEN0, Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and cookies from Millie's Cookies (I had to eat those because my dog is called Millie), and the selection that you lot from England have in Starbucks! My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the sandwiches that were available but that was nothing compared to what sweets where there. Pure and utter salivating times. "Clean up on aisle 1". The salted caramel and coconut cookie was pure magnificence. We don't get that over here. NI Starbucks, get on that. Please. With a cherry on top.

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