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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

This tutorial is something new for me. It's not based on anything or inspired by a character. It's actually how I imagine my alter-ego to look like. For those of you that don't know, "Kazzie" is my nickname and was given to me when I first started to become a fangirl. Over the years that I've been online, it has become a bit of of an alter-ego for me. She's my more confident side, my more creative side and my more spontaneous and happy side. The side of me that 'Kazzie' signifies is almost quite alien to those that don't know of her. i.e. those in my real-life that only get to see that side of me in sporadic bursts of energy. I decided to bring this side of me to life. 

Why did I create her like this? Well, there is that alien theme because she's so rarely seen by others. Blue is my favourite colour and it was only natural that it should feature heavily in this look. I also like sparkly and shiny things. Gems had to be included. 

I also wanted to do something on my forehead. I wanted to do a sapphire, kind of like Rarity's cutie mark but coming from my hairline. I'm not the best at symmetry so it ended up being a weirdass quadrangle type of shade. Nevertheless, it's me and demonstrates that part of me - can't draw symmetrically, haha. 

T H E    L O O K  

As I said, 'Kazzie' has always been this other side to me that I feel is a more accurate portrayal of me. She's the one that's not afraid to talk about the things that she loves to talk about, or play around with makeup. That's the side of me that really encouraged me to make my blog and why I've brought it to you all as 'Kazzie' - because's she my more confident and assured side. She's my Sasha Fierce, except more alien looking. 

Do you have an alter-ego? What do you think of mine?

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