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Monday, 16 November 2015

I know that it's mid-November now and that this post is super-duper late but if you read my update post from last week, you'll know that I've had some major computer problems. Then with those computer problems came editing problems and getting a photo editing software back onto the laptop that I feel will do what I want was not a pretty experience. Nevertheless, here we are and I have my favourites from the past two months. 


I bought this with a Debenhams gift card that my friend so generously gave me for my birthday. I thought that I would be going into Debenhams to get the UD Electric palette because I had had my eye on it for months. The colours were just so enticing. I wanted to get it for the colours for the more colourful tutorials that I'll want to do However, all of those thoughts and desires went out the window when I went into Debenhams with the gift card. As soon as I laid eyes on the box that housed this beauty, I knew that it was going to be mine. 

I have been using it practically non-stop since I got it. I used this palette for my makeup when I did "Sunset Boulevard", I've been reaching for it when I've been doing my day to day makeup. It's such a wonderful palette that it doesn't have to be used solely for smokey looks. I've been using the matte shades more than the shimmer and satin ones but that's mostly because I've been using the palette to give some definition to my crease before going shopping or to rehearsals and I'm not wanting to go for something OTT. I can't wait to fully explore what this palette can do. 

I didn't think that this highlighter would ever be in my possession because it was only available on Sephora and I'm in the UK and blah blah blah. Then I cashed in on a favour that my brother owed me and threw this little beauty into the online Sephora basket - it would be my birthday present from him. 

Initially, I thought that it was too golden for my skin tone and was quite scared of it despite everyone saying that it was perfect for all skin tones. I set it aside for a week or so until "Sunset Boulevard" came about and I was going to be using a darker foundation shade - stage makeup is different from normal makeup. It was then that I fell in love with the highlighter and packed it onto my cheeks and collarbones during each performance and re-applied when I could. After the show ended and I reverted back to my Porcelain Princess foundation shades, I found that the highlight actually suited my skin tone. I think my eyes must have adjusted....either that or the brush I used originally wasn't clean....IDK.

How could Agent Carter's lipstick not be in my favourites? I explained in THIS post why this lipstick is so fabulous. In a nutshell, it is a beautiful shade of red, it lasts, it's Agent Carter's lipstick, it isn't drying at all, it's Agent Carter's lipstick, it applies with ease and did I forget to mention that it's Agent Carter's lipstick?

I bought this as an excuse to get my birthday gift for being a Sephora Beauty Insider. Somehow when I was sat with the Sephora website open and my brother paying, I completely forgot about this. I rectified that problem pretty quickly. Since this came through the door, I haven't touched another eyeliner. It is pure black no matter the amount of pressure you put on the nib. It is so easy to control at the inner corner and all along the lashline to the flick. With the design of the nib, I can get right to the root of my lashes so that I can prevent any gapping. This is holy grail material. Just saying. It's like a calligraphy pen for your eyes. 

October marked the first time that I ever tried false eyelashes. Instead of being confused and overwhelmed by the vast amount of falsies that are on offer out there, I made a bee line for the lashes that one of my favourite YouTubers, Fleur de Force, created in association with Eylure. I picked up the Fleur and Fabulous set because I wanted to use them for "Sunset Boulevard" to make my lashes look fuller yet still natural. These beauties did just that. 

They were easy to apply and with me being such a newbie, that was something I wasn't expecting - but then again, I had watched countless eyelash tutorials (and I mean countless!). They felt comfortable on my lashline. They didn't feel heavy and felt incredibly natural. I love the design of this particular pair and I got so many compliments on them when I wore them. "Fleur de Force," I would say with pride. I had to bin the ones that I wore for the show but I've since repurchased them. 


Yup. Arrow again. Season 4 has started to air and I've been loving it. Episode 3 was a particular favourite because my favourite girls appeared. EEEEEEEE. That is all.

I've been causally watching this on Netflix. I'm only on episode 10 or so. I went into it with an open mind because I didn't know what I was walking into with it. It did raise a hell of a lot more questions than anything because of little things with regards to how it would fit in with the established DC Batman canon. I would say that when watching this, you really need to suspend the bulk of what you know about the Batman 'verse, otherwise, you'll confuse the hell out of yourself. Basically, as long as you know who everyone is and who they will become, you'll be grand. 

It's so nice to see Ben McKenzie back on my TV. Like every teenage girl in the early millennium, I was an avid lover of The O.C. and by extension, bad boy Ryan Atwood aka Ben McKenzie. (Kandy forever!) He's so good in Gotham.

A special mention about Gotham has got to go to Jada Pinkett Smith. I didn't know that she was in this. Let me tell you, she has shocked me as to how incredible she is as Fish Mooney. Fish is a character that has been created exclusively for the TV series and Jada does an incredible job in bringing her to life. She plays Fish perfectly. She's so deliciously evil and dark and Jada is perfection in the role. 

Okay, don't judge. My sis from another Miss and niecey got me hooked on this. It's not as childish as you would expect - well, the new Hasbro version on Netflix. There are some twee moments when you remember that it is a kid's show but the characters are diverse with real character growth - I'm looking at you, Twilight Sparkle - and it has some ear worms thanks to the talent of Daniel Ingram. Yes, I'm a grown-ass adult that watches My Little Pony. It's fun. #regretnothing

Another one for the 'Don't Judge' pile. I was introduced to this by a YouTuber, Koda Wade. I watched her channel and she did a number of tutorials for the characters from this animated series. Curisoity got the better of me and I found myself watching it on Netflix and enjoying it. The characters are all children of fairy-tale characters and they all school together. It's aimed at the tweens which makes it a bit more acceptable (right?). I really loved the "Way Too Wonderland" storyline.

I was taken by the incredible character design of the series. In particular, I loved the fashion of the characters. I love Raven Queen's and Maddie Hatter's outfits the most. Then when they go through the Rabbit-Hole to Wonderland, I fell head over heels in love with their Wonderland-Burton-esque outfits. My hat goes off to the character designers. I even bought a pair of false eyelashes from Asda that will be perfect for a tutorial for Lizzie Hearts. It's happening!

This one is a biiiit of a cheat because I started watching it in the last week or so of October but I marathoned the heck out of it! I haven't been able to watch Dr. Quinn for years because the channel that aired it stopped and I would forget about it until I found it on TV again. I would only find it on channels available through Sky and when I had the remote; those moments were few and far between. It wasn't until a couple of Sundays ago that I found it on a channel that I got on my bedroom TV that I fell back in love with the show and Jane Seymour. Serious everything envy of that woman!

I started watching the show when I was about 12 or 13 years old and have been watching it off and on since. The last time I remember watching it was a couple of years ago with my then-boyfriend. I absolutely adore the show. I love Dr. Mike (naturally) and Sully (pass the drool bucket please!). There are characters that I just want to beat senseless with a shovel - I'm looking at you Jake! - but that's the signs of the time. I love it and I've been marathoning it when I can. 


I've been listening to this non-stop on Spotify. Whenever I'm doing my makeup or filming a tutorial, it's a good bet that this will be playing in the background. I love this album. There isn't a song that I don't like on it. After seeing Florence perform in Belfast at the start of September - post HERE - I completely fell in love with her new album all over again. My absolute favourite songs are; Ship To Wreck, Queen of Peace, Delilah and Third Eye. Incredible woman. Fabulous album. Phenomenal voice.


I didn't watch a lot in terms of movies because I didn't have a lot of time to do so. I went to the cinema with a bunch of friends to watch Crimson Peak. It was okay. But the movies that stood out for me in the last two months were oldies but goodies. 

It is shameful to admit that I had never watched this movie in full until a couple of weeks ago. I think in the past years, I've managed to watch about a collective thirty minutes. I have watched "I Put A Spell on You" and the end. I bought it on DVD for £4 a few weeks ago and watched it in full. I loved it. Bette Midler is phenomenal, as always. Kathy Najimy is also fabulous and I loved her character. I've never been the biggest fan of Sarah Jessica Parker but I really love her in her role - it's strange to see her so bubbly and ditzy but she did an amazing job. 

Hocus Pocus also confirms my desire to one day have a black cat. I've always wanted a black cat. I think watching "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" caused that... I don't think. I know. Also, how adorable is ickle Thora Birch?

Another old movie that I recently bought. It was on offer at HMV and I figured that I'd get it just to have something to watch at the end of the end when I just want to curl up on my bed with a pillow, an animated movie, and a blanket (and a glass of wine) and just watch something. I really enjoyed this. Dracula was particularly amusing. It's a sweet little animated movie from Dreamworks that has some really fun jokes. 


The last couple of months has been weird on the YouTube front because I'm feeling quite bored by a lot of my subscriptions. A lot of them feel like the same thing over and over again but with just a different face behind it. I don't feel like I'm learning anything or feel like I'm being inspired. They don't make me excited to do my makeup or to experiment with my makeup but the following YouTubers have been the most inspirational. 


I was introduced to the artistry of Erin through the NYX Face Awards. I had been looking at her channel off and on beforehand because of YouTube suggestions. Since the Face Awards, Erin's creativity and ability seems to have gone into overdrive! She's been posting tutorials that are incredible and unbelievably creative! She did a frakking Drogon look using just makeup. Erin is one of those YouTubers that constantly inspire me and she's only 18!


Kathryn is a former ballerina with NYC Ballet. She started her YouTube channel after becoming extremely ill due to a previously undiagnosed auto-immune disease that brought her dancing career to an almost devastating end. Unwilling to give up entirely on her career, Katie turned to YouTube where she started to post stage makeup tutorials for ballet characters ranging from Titania to Odile, the Black Swan. These tutorials are how I came across her channel. Her stage makeup tutorials are incredibly useful for those that are going on stage, even if you aren't doing a ballet as they're practical and inspirational for any stage role. She also posts wearable versions for when you want to channel Giselle or Odile when walking down the street. Fantastic. Plus, I'm utterly envious of her makeup collection.

She also uploads workout videos that help strengthen your core and also target your legs and arms. There are also some ballet barre workouts for the dancers out there. They're also great for the non-dancers. Who doesn't dream of having the legs and arms and abs of a ballerina?

What is most inspirational about Katie's channel is that you get to go along with her on her journey back to the stage. That's what she did last month when she danced again in Cleveland as a soloist. That's mostly on her vlog channel with some bits on her main channel. She's inspirational in that she is fighting against her own body and confidence as she gets back on stage. I know all about those. After eight years away from the stage, I stepped back onto it last month for "Sunset Boulevard". Yes, it was amateur theatre but the stage was a very big deal and I didn't think that I had the chops to stand on that stage. Listening to Katie really made me fight those fears and get on that stage despite what I think of my body and my thighs. She's so sweet and lovely and she invites you along for the ride. She's like a best friend and sister. 

And there you have everything that I've been loving over the past couple of months. There isn't a lot but then again, there is a good number of items here. October was occupied by "Sunset Boulevard" and recovering from Sunset Boulevard and getting my Hallowe'en tutorials done despite having the most stressful time with broken brand new laptops. I'm so glad that I did my Hallowe'en series. I really feel like I opened myself to the challenge of doing Hallowe'en looks. It was my first time ever doing anything like that and my creativity was bubbling over. Sometimes it was difficult to bring some of them to life. Even if I didn't succeed, I still learnt from them. 

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