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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

It's been a while since I have done a 'Get The Look' post on my blog. I hadn't planned on doing one but as usual, the inspiration for these hit me when I'm least expecting them to. I was in New Look a couple of weeks ago and everything I saw reminded me of Doctor Michaela Quinn from Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman et voila, this post was born. 

This post is inspired largely by Dr. Mike's horse-riding attire; the long trench coat with wide-legged trousers. It's an adorable look and one that really suits Jane Seymour. Wide-legged trousers are making a comeback into mainstream fashion but they are difficult to find in any other colour but black. So, I've included some modern choices using a selection of tapered trousers so that they can fit snuggly into ankle boots. A modern Mike, if you will. 

T H E    O U T F I T 

J A C K E T :
Lexi Bonded Suedette Duster Coat // // £30.00
Black Leather-Look Suedette Trim Jacket // New Look // £29.99
Boutique Bonded Suedette Duster // // £50.00

W A I S T C O A T :
Waistcoat with Pockets // Zara // £49.99

B L O U S E :
Blouse with Neck Tie // Zara // £25.99
Plumetis Top // Zara / £25.99
Blouse with Bow // Zara // £29.99

S K I R T    / /    T R O U S E R S :
Wide Leg Trousers With Belt // F&F @ Tesco // £20.00
Dark Red Split Front Maxi Skirt // River Island // £30.00
High Waist Wide Leg Dacron Women's Pants // TB Dress // £46.53
Parisian Dark Red Leather -Look Zip Side Jeans // New Look // £27.99
Corduroy Trousers // George // £14.00

A C C E S S O R I E S :
H A T    &   S C A R F
Dark Brown Floppy Hat // River Island // £25.00
Blue Distressed Fringed Trim Scarf // New Look // £7.99
Scarf // H&M // £6.99
Wool Hat // H&M // £24.99

S H O E S : 
Brown Lace Up Boots // New Look // £27.99
Brown Leather Ankle Boots // TU @ Sainsburys // £40.00

Personally, I prefer to use one of two items together just so that I channel my inner-Dr. Mike without full out trying to imitate her. For example, I have a pair of brown lace up boots and a hat that I use to channel Dr. Mike and when I wear my hair down and it's straight, then I really feel like her. I don't have any long coats like she does, but I'm currently coveting the New Look suedette jacket from above. 

Naturally, all of these items that I've found are subject to availability and while stocks last and all that jazz. Hopefully, you'll find something to channel your inner Michaela Quinn with. 

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