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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Confession time - In the two months that I have been actively collecting make-up, I have gained an obsession with make-up bags. There is nothing that I love more than a good cosmetic bag that I spend hours patrolling online websites and traipsing through stores looking at bags, from cheap and cheerful ones to more extravagant high-end designs. I'm all for cheap and cheerful especially since I'm on the hunt for one to fit in my suitcase and hold all of my beauty essentials when I go on holiday in three weeks ( I was in Primark on Sunday and I spied this little beauty.

I'm a sucker for two things; florals and quilted materials. Check and double check. The floral pattern instantly reminded me of the signature Cath Kidston look. It's a potential dupe for anything from that brand. Plus, it's massive! It can literally hold all of my make-up collection (though not everything is included in the photographs above), just look at all the room that's left over. Also, it's not so huge as to take up a huge chunk of my suitcase. It's perfect. What's more, it didn't come with the Cath Kidston price tag.

I bought this bag for £4. Can you believe that?

Let's look at what you get for £4; a beautiful floral, quilted pattern (perfect for summer), it has an adorable embellishment charm on the key ring to add that extra bit of cuteness and femininity, it has so much space inside that it can hold everything (brushes included), and finally - what is quite possibly my favourite feature of this bag - it comes with two interior pockets to house anything that you want to keep separate from the main compartment - here, I've put my smaller palettes with assorted lip-lacquers and eye-liners. My organisational obsessed mind is very happy with these pockets and there's enough room to space everything out into neat little sections.

£4 well spent. Well done, Primark.

Are you obsessed with cosmetics bags?

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