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Monday, 28 July 2014

Like most women, with a teenage girl in the ooey-gooey centre, I have a real soft spot for Taylor Swift - *cue dancing around in pyjamas and singing whatever mash-up of songs that my heart desires* - and when I found out that her perfumes were available in the UK, I just knew that I had to have one in my possession.

During the Christmas shopping rush, my family and I were in Boots and while they looked at the shaving equipment that my brother had his eye on (bored), I took myself away and I perused the perfumes and fragrances shelves. Naturally my eyes went googley once I saw the signature Taylor Swift writing.

Taylor Swift's Enchanted Wonderstruck 30ml Eue de Parfum spray / Vaporisateur - £19.50. The perfume came in two sizes and since it was to be a Christmas gift from Santa, I went for the 30ml mostly because I always feel guilty about making my family pay for expensive items. It is convenient for travelling because it fits in any bag and I can transfer it easily to my Travalo spray. But, if I did that I wouldn't be able to show off that cute bottle. How cute is that bottle? Just look at it! The bottle has a beautiful shimmering finish to it, it's a gorgeous crimson red, and the cap has such delicate engraving to it that I could just look at it all day. What's more, it's totally my style. The bottle is so decorative. It adds that something extra to my shelves and when empty (cry), I can still use it as a decorative ornament. The box is even more enchanting (see what I did there?) with it's old-timey and vintage design really speaks to me. Basically, I'm a magpie and it is a gorgeous bottle and box. Check, check. Now for it to smell as amazing as it looks.

Taylor Swift had previously released 'Wonderstruck' and 'Enchanted Wonderstruck' is a new dimension to her Wonderstruck line. One spray and you're hooked on the luscious top note of wild berries and passion fruit, accompanied by a heart of peony blossom and white fressia sugar-glazed petals with wiffs of vanilla and white musk. Everything blends seamlessly and harmoniously, just like her songs. It's feminine, it's fragrant and it's, well, Taylor. It's staying power isn't the best, but it is good nevertheless. I have to deal with rather unsavoury smells at work and a good fragrance is always a bonus. I like to spray this in the morning when I go to work, re-apply three-hours later during my break (when I'm not wearing a body spray) and I love to use this perfume when going out in the evening for a special occassion as it can be a very romantic and sweet scent.

Have you ever tried a Taylor Swift perfume?
Did you fall in love with it like I did with Enchanted Wonderstruck?

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