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Saturday, 17 June 2017

If you're anything like me, you may have a set stock-pile of actors and actresses that you go to as templates for characters that you read in books so that you can visualise them clearly. Okay, so you may not be like me but that's what I do when reading. I do take in the physical attributes that the authors convey but the characters tend to be a generic blur. That's when I pick an actor and copy + paste their faces into the role. 

I want to say that it is not a 'fan-casting'. I don't necessarily want these actors that I put into the role to be that character when and if it is turned into a movie or TV-series. It's purely so that I can visualise everything more clearly and therefore not get too bogged down or concerned with whether or not I'm understanding the narrative and plot correctly. Because that is a big hang-up for me. I'm always terrified that I'm not imagining it clearly enough. 

The book where a character came instantly and so vividly to me was Heartless by Marissa Meyer. I had no idea how I was going to imagine Cath, the lead character. I don't think I was given a lot of physical information when it came to the character. But it wasn't until Cath made her entrance at the King's Black & White ball at the start of the book in a red dress, that I instantly knew who I was going to picture as Lady Catherine Pinkerton.

K A T I E    M c G R A T H

I instantly went to Katie McGrath because of that red dress she wore recently in Supergirl in which she plays Lena Luthor. Katie looked beyond epic in that dress and I instantly saw her walking down those steps in the King's ballroom. From that moment, she was Cath in my mind.Also, Katie McGrath wore a number of spectacular red dresses when play Morgana in BBC's Merlin. Red is certainly a colour that looks incredible on her. 

From there on out, I imagined other faces for Jest, Hatta, the Marquess and Marchioness and Mary Ann in actors. Again, they aren't who I would like to play them, because the ages are all wrong and some of the physicalities but that doesn't matter, it's a visual aid. ↤ That's the phrase that I've been trying to think of since initially filming the video where I share some of my 'visual aids' for books that I've read recently. 

Do you have any actors or actresses that you've placed into the shoes of some characters as visual aids? Let me know. I could always use a few more in the barrel. 

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