The Prettiest Perfume Pot

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

While on holiday, I naturally picked up a few souvenirs. When in Greece, my family and I took an excursion to the ancient ruins at Corinth and a cruise along the Corinth Canal. On the way from Corinth to the Canal, we made a brief stop at a family run pottery and ceramics company. I wish I could remember the name of the place but alas, I cannot. 

The family handmade and hand-painted everything. They make museum authorised and endorsed replicas of Ancient Greek pots and vases. They also make souvenirs pieces where they can paint whatever they fancy and can make minute mistakes without worrying. These are naturally cheaper than the museum replicas.

Additionally, they make the cutest little cream perfume pots with the most exquisite paint work. The best part is, is that when the perfume is used up, it's the ideal thing to put little pieces of jewellery in. I'm forever losing rings and earrings so I'll be using mine for that. My Mum and I bought a pot each. They were only €5. A bargain or what?

This was the pot that I picked out. I fell in love with the Greek symbol for infinity going around the outside of the lid. I'm not entirely sure who is depicted on the lid but the colours are so beautiful and the detail is beyond exquisite that I don't even care. I love Greek mythology and so it was only natural that I would pick something like this up. I can pretend that Athena had something like this on her vanity. I can dream, can't I?

Each gel perfume has a tag on it that says what it is similar to. My perfume was said to be similar to that of a Nina Ricci perfume. Which one, I'm not sure. The selling point of this particular perfume was that it reminded me of what my Granny used to smell like. I could't say no to it. 

The lasting power of the gel formula is wonderful. I wore it today when going for lunch with my Mum. I put it on at around 3pm. At 11:30pm, I can still smell it on my skin. 

This is the one that my Mum picked out. Hers was said to be similar to Chanel No5. She has made an incredible dent in hers. Like my pot, I have no idea who is depicted on it. But again, the detail is exquisite. 

I adore the flowers on the bottom half. The detail is so minute and the gold paint is simply stunning. 

Aren't they just the cutest perfume pots?

You can see a snippet of this family business in my Travel Diary vlog below. It's part of the Athens section. 

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