Where The Mountains Of Mourne Sweep Down To The Sea

Monday, 25 July 2016

I love to share pictures of my home. I absolutely adore living in Ireland because there is beauty everywhere and that beauty is even more spectacular when the sun is shining. Last weekend, I went to the Mournes armed with my DSLR with a shiny new lens and went a little snap happy. What can I say? It's beautiful up there and I wanted to take photographs and really get to grips with my camera.  

I love that I was able to get onto the rocks in the middle of the Shimna River because of the way that it meanders down the mountain. They are so simple to get onto. You practically step onto them and the river is right there. 

The above set are the photographs that I am most proud of. I love the detail in the foxglove plants and how the light catches the edges. Also, can you see the spider web in the bottom right one? I didn't notice it until I was putting it through Lightroom.

The bottom right one is my favourite one out of all of the photographs that I took and I took a lot. It took me an age to get the camera to focus on the shamrock and when it did, I was in love. 

In the top right photograph, you can make out the mountains from the Isle of Man. It was such a clear day. I wasn't even at the top of Slieve Donard.

The bottom two photographs are from the Granite Trail where workers would transport the granite from the quarry at the top to the bottom back in the day.

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